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It is used for continuous grinding and polishing of granite plated and meets particularly the demand of mass production and production of more-than-100°gloss slab
Production capacity:800-1500 m2/16h
Abrasive sequence suggestion
24磨头heads: #50X2 pcs、# 400X3pcs、 # 200X3pcs、 # 500X2pcs、# 800X2pcs、# 1500X3、# 0X4pcs
The device uses light and low-power-consumption resin polishing disc. With single polishing head consuming 7.5 power, its power consumption is two quarters less than traditional continuous polisher.
Controlling system adopts PLC terminal control for convenience of setting parameters through LCD touch screen. The elevation of polishing head and grinding and polishing pressure, demand of which is adjustable within set value, are pneumatically controlled. The machine is equipped with frequency conversion adjustable speed system to adjust speed of horizontal grinding and polishing of polishing head and transmitting of slab flexibly within set value.
Slab is transmitted automatically. Polishing head intelligently calculate/distinguish the shape of slab and grind it continuously. With low cost and high production efficiency, a set of this device equals several manual or semi-automatic bridge polishers and requires 1-2 operators only.
Item No. ZDMJ24C/0.9 ZDMJ24C/1.2 ZDMJ24C/1.5
Quantity Of Heads 24 24 24
Power Of Main Motor 7.5KW 7.5KW 7.5KW
Total Power 201.75KW 201.75KW 201.75KW
Grinding Head Diameter 200mm 200mm 200mm
Grinding Plate Width 900mm 1200mm 1500cm
Grinding Plated Height 10-50mm 10-50mm 10-50mm
Beams Swing Speed 3-35m/min 3-35m/min 3-35m/min
Slab Transmitted Speed 1-3m/min 1-3m/min 1-3m/min
Coolling Water Pressure 0.1-0.15MPA 0.1-0.15MPA 0.1-0.15MPA
Water Consumption 15m3/h 15m3/h 15m3/h
Air Supply Pressure 0.8mpa 0.8mpa 0.8mpa
Total Weight 16000kgs 17000kgs 19000kgs
Dimension(Lxwxh) 12800x2000x2300mm 12800x2300x2300mm 13000x2600x2300mm